Celebrating the Rich Culture of St. Louis, Missouri

Discover St. Louis' vibrant culture through its many annual events such as festivals, races, celebrations, shows & parades! Learn more.

Celebrating the Rich Culture of St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is a vibrant city with a rich culture and history. Every year, locals and visitors alike look forward to the many annual events, festivals, races, celebrations, shows and parades that take place around the city. One of the most remarkable events is the third annual Caribbean Heritage Festival, held in Missouri, known as the gateway to freedom and justice.

This popular end-of-summer celebration pays tribute to St. Louis' blues history and features the talent of national and local artists. The Apple Butter Festival is one of the most important events in Kimmswick, Missouri. Every year, it draws more than 100,000 visitors to enjoy its unique blend of music, food and entertainment.

The Museum of Art's annual celebration of flowers and fine art is another iconic event in the region. It's a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of art and nature. Mardi Gras in St. Louis was first organized by George Soulie in 1879. He had been living in New Orleans and was working on the annual Mardi Gras celebration when he set out to do similar work for the second parade of the Veiled Prophet, to be held in St. Louis.

The protests against the VP Parade began in 1966, after the police shot at a black robbery suspect and Percy Green, director of the Action Council to Improve Opportunities for Blacks (ACTION), distributed leaflets urging a stop to the annual VP parade in response to the murder. On Sunday, June 19th, some events include a music festival in Florissant and a street party in Wellston. There are also many other events throughout the year that celebrate art, music and theater as well as community, diversity and pride. The 12-week DVD program features Catholic experts presenting the Church's teachings along with lay men and women who share their challenges on the path to true healing. We will pray for all pregnant mothers who have difficulties or are considering having an abortion, so that they receive loving support and material assistance so that they can choose life for their babies and care for them after birth. And we pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire parents to take on the great responsibility God has given them.

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